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Ssozi commented on Developing Talents in Art for self-sustenance.

We may not have the best words to explain, not even the best prototype to explain our idea, or we may even be not so good in story telling, but the fact remains that the need for a talent academy in our country for performing and creative arts in a necessity. The president of Uganda has recently launched a policy for the arts and the youth in our country, only that they are not put into practice, but even the government sees it as a necessity though they may not be able to implement. Statistics have shown that this industry contributes over 7% of the total GDP globally and nearly one billion USD was collected as revenue in Uganda from this industry.

We only need to be given where to stand and the world will see the beauty of developing God given talents and using them to develop ourselves leaning on our cultures which is one of the things that brings about cohesion and pride in any community. We wish everyone of you good luck in this challenge.


Ssozi commented on Developing Talents in Art for self-sustenance.

Hellen is one of the beneficiaries of Rockies Organization, she can confess what she has gone thru and how life has changed because of developing her talent, within a period of three years, her life has totally changed in that positive sense and she can now stand on her own, educate herself more in case she desires, but most importantly, sustain herself with her talent.

Thank you very much Hellen for being a witness of the truth. We have more members being contracted to China and even Hellen maybe among the ones to go next near, because the market is big but lacks professionals in performing. It is what we are doing to groom them and make them professionals for them to be taken on.


Ssozi commented on Developing Talents in Art for self-sustenance.

Thank you Alex, its true that in Uganda, its not about education these days, its the technical know who than the technical know how, therefore if we develop people's talents, they will learn how to move on with their careers and employ themselves than looking for jobs which even do not exist. Many kill themselves even with masters degrees because they are frustrated. Therefore if the talent academy is started in uganda, it can help a lot in solving the problem of youth unemployment.