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Alina commented on Top Contributor Alina Wernick

Thank you so much for the selection! It has been very exciting to take part in challenge and to discuss  open innovation in such a diverse group and to read so many fresh views on the topic! Looking forward to upcoming challenges on OpenIDEO!


Alina commented on Carrot chasing...or not!

Thanks Joanna for the insightful synthesis!
I think we indeed should look for 360 degree view for different incentives that play a role in innovation. I personally really like the Erik’s idea of Nudging innovation. I wish social media platforms would feature more designs that would give opportunities to casually engage in problem-solving.

I believe that each individual in different contexts may respond both to external, (direct or indirect monetary incentives, reputation building) or intrinsic motivations (altruism, enjoying the process of innovating). I suppose the challenge for building an innovation community is to attract participants with very heterogeneous incentives. For example Jim Rosenberg in his post "Top Idea -> Proof of Concept Grant"( monetary) rewards to incentivize idea creation and ensure that they will become implemented. This could work for challenges with look to solve more concrete problems by teams who really want to implement their relatively mature idea. Yet the grant may crowd out innovators who prefer to make contributions as a light activity in the free time, and gladly leave implementation for someone else, as they themselves do have not resources to engage in it

I also wonder, whether a new type of incentives begins to play a role in open innovation practices when they are used to tackle societal problems? What would these incentives then be? Given that societal problems are are connected to political questions, could then some of the motivations behind political activism also incentivize open innovation? Are these motivations similar to altruism or something else?


Alina commented on Universal Basic Income for All

Thanks for an important contribution. I do agree that governments must urgently to look for solution to ensure welfare of citizens when increasing amount of work becomes automatized. As you mentioned, automatization is likely to increases efficiency. An important question is who will profits from it. Assuming that at least some level of government ensured income would be necessary to alleviate unemployment-related  problems created by automatization, a challenge would be for the government to find funding for the project. This would likely to be taxes. In this respect, international initiatives to interfere with corporate tax evasion would be necessary to allow governments and societies to capture some of benefit from the effect of automatization. The initiative however, would need to be genuinely global, as otherwise companies would transfer their operations to countries with most favorable tax schemes.