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Hi Chioma Ume,
I have responded all of your questions.

It is available at Google Play Store, named "Krishi Yellow Page".
You can't enter/ update any data through this without credential. We gave that credential to our clients (USAID projects) only. But you can easily search and explore the content. For the first time usage, you have to push the central circle button at the landing page to sync the App's data with the server. Depending on your internet bandwidth and device spec, it may take up to 5 mins to sync data with server.

We are working with the USAID project in Southern part of Bangladesh. For further referene you can contact Hendrik Jan Keus, Chief of the Party -(USAID-AIN), WorldFish Center, Email:

- Could you tell us more about how you incorporated feedback from farmers into your design?

We value the user feedback and their opinion about our services. We have UX (User Experience) Team, they go to the field and take the feedback from the user end about the service through one to one discussion, FGD-Focus Group Discussion or interacting with the different stakeholders. This is a continuous process we follow. We incorporate these feedback/ opinion to design/ redesign our services.

- Help us understand about specifically what stage your idea is currently in. Are you already implementing this app in your community? Do you have a preliminary version of your app?

Yes, right now we have developed the first version of this KYP App and currently implementing with USAID project areas in the Southern part of Bangladesh

- The area you are targeting with your solution holds great promise for smallholder farmers, though there are many obstacles that must be addressed to unlock its potential. You mention some (like low literacy) and suggest collaboration with several partner organizations working on the ground. How do you intend to build a relationship with these partners? And then integrate your solution with these partners?

We have already built up relationship with some INGO (International Organization) and NGO (Local NGOs) and implementing some project at the field level under partnership modality. In fist hand we have to take help from the PNGOs (Partner Organizations) to disseminate this idea at the field level. We have a plan to provide ToT (Training of the Tutor) for the PNGOs Field Staff/ Extension Workers who directly work with the farmers at the group level. We need necessary support to execute this operational task to implement this idea at the field level.

- We love the the way your idea links evidence to help farmers improve their methods. You mention some issues with privacy and data protection - beyond usernames, how will you protect the privacy of farmers contributing to the platform? Will their comments be de-identified?

KYP-Krishi Yellow Page will help the farmers to connect with the input and our market actors around his locality. Retailers/ LSP-Local Service Provides/ traders will upload his/ her business and contact information in KYP with their own interest. They could be provided with password and initially we have to monitor this though the help of PNGO field staff.

- What are your incentives for early adopters of this app? How will you ensure that you reach sufficient scale to make the information about buyers and sellers really worthwhile?

For the early adopters there will be no charge involved or premium to disseminate the idea at the farmers’ level. We believe it will help the farmers to have the quality inputs and increase his/ her bargaining capacity sell out his harvest with a better price and this will reach sufficient scale.

- What will make these NGOs want to use this system? Is it going to be easier? From a viability aspect, could you learn from Angie’s List, or other organizations, where aspects of its platform content is subscription based?

Local NGOs are based at the field level. So it woudl be better to take their support initially to disseminate the idea at the field level. When the much farmers will be aware about this service we will directly work with the farmers. Considering the sustainability issues we could also work with the private sectors who deals the quality inputs like quality seed, fertilizers, pesticides etc.