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Hi Shraddha,
Thanks for your response, I do understand the issue is severe, esp I was living in India with my parents till the age of 9 then we had migrated to Australia. I also had malaria when I was born and risks are high in wet, tropical and humidity weather.
Have a look at this website perhaps it can give you insight information from the Australian cancer council  and endorsing wearing clothes that cover your full body. Keeping away from animals as  they can be a host(carrier to the disease).

In Australia, we have a big problem with skin cancer. Perhaps the Brazilian government needs to look to the Australian model of encouraging people to wear sunscreen, but the Brazilians do it with mosquito repellent. For example, kids in school are not allowed to go outside to play unless they wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is part of Occupational Health & Safety laws for labourers on outdoor work sites. There are large free sunscreen distribution stations at many outdoor public events. Perhaps Brazil could promote mosquito repellent as mandatory requirement  in similar ways?

I believe education is the only way to empower the females and teaching moral skills and values