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Isabel commented on Remind - Music for Memory [Updated 12/26]

Hi there! Nice idea. I believe music is powerful.

About your idea, I've been trying to find out about the music personalization of your project, and for what I found (maybe it is over there but I didn't find it) I didn't get it. So, I have these questions:

1. What feature (s) will be personalized? Does it refer to create a playlist?

2. Who (person with alzheimer, caregiver, family members) will be the user that programs the personalization?

3. How will it be programmed? from a cellphone, website, or app? Will the personalization be sent to the device to be stored or to be played as an speaker? Will it be able to store mp3s?
3. For whom will be the personalization? I mean, for example, could it let different family members or friends make a personalization of the music that is related to important moments they shared with their love one and make a playlist to be played while they share time with them? Or will the person with alzheimer will create his or her own playlists or loved people or important moments with their loved ones and their life?

If I had a loved one with Alzheimer I may want to add some songs on my own and maybe my loved one too, all related to us, to our relationship.
There could also be personalization for certain daily activities where "someone" can register music that the person with Alzheimer associates with that task. That is.. some songs for eating, dressing up, washing tooth, taking shower, going to sleep, using the toilet. Or maybe there could be buttons with graphics that play songs that mean they need something, using that instead of a bell or shouting for help or calling out for caregivers attention.

I hope I contributed to your project with this questions.
I love your idea. Good luck!

Hi Erin, after seeing your project today, I think Virtual Reality can transform the concept of empathy. Before today, I had a very general view of what VR is for, however, now, I believe there is an amazing potential in the use of this technology for helping people, around others with alzheimer, vision problems or so, understand more profoundly, see and feel how is it like to have certain diseases and from there imagine how could they help the real needs of the person they care or know. So, so far, I believe that the material you posted for the challenge is a great contribution. From there, I hope you make it real to expand the use of this VR solution.
My contribution would be the following ideas to expand the use of this solution:
* Chloe's question made me wonder what if you get in touch with universities that offer medical or chemical careers ? How might we impact their learning experience and training so they can improve provide an integral service that considerates their patients human needs?, Could it be useful for you to receive feedback or new ideas to create VR videos for other diseases?
*what if you talked with some schools to explore the possibility and benefit of including this solution in a school class for children or adolescents know more about how other people have not the same capabilities they have? How could it contribute to create a more empathic society?
I would love to know more about your project. Great work.


Isabel commented on Postpartum Pay-It-Forward Project

Hello Olivia, congratulations for your idea!! I really wish it becomes a reality.
So, in order to contribute with you to do that, I would like to share with you some ideas that could complement yours:

* Strategic Alliances: Contact with public or private entities that may give you some funding to build the app, or to even hold virtual or real events once a week where the expecting moms attend to learn about some newly born care and use that knowledge when they volunteer. So that, first theory, then practice. Maybe they could get virtual certificates both for atrending to these learning events and/or for volunteering.

* Recognition to Specialists that contribute: You can have a section in a website or post to name (asking for permission) the specialists that are volunteering to provide info or answering questions moms have. There could even be statistics, graphics, or other symbols to show how active is that contributor. You could get inspired with to the OpenIDEO Profile features.

* Digital Marketing: You could use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter in order to keep the community united in one place and know about news. You could pay a small amount to promote a post or tweet taking advantage of the segmentation options they have. You could create one to get in touch with new moms, other to get in touch with expectant moms, other to get in touch with specialists like the ones you are intending to get in touch as a next step.

Finally, since I work in the software development field, I volunteer to give you technical advise or get you in touch with some colleages if you need any help or have questions on what to do next to build a website or app. I am also learning about design thinking and UX, so I would really love to help and give you feedback as a volunteer.

I love your idea! Please go forward!