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Afrin commented on Anyone's Learning Experience (ALEX)

Hi Sergio,

This online market place seems like a great idea and providing open access to courses can definitely be of value to individuals who may not otherwise have access to education. I was wondering if course completion can be transferable to include some sort of certification that individuals could include on their resumes. I believe that could be a good way to track progress and it could potentially stand out to future employers.


Afrin commented on The MatchMaker

Hi Rana,

I agree with your idea that multiple smaller projects rather than few large projects would provide a more meaningful learning experience for students. I see that you plan on working with alumni at companies to get access to these real world problems. With that approach, how will a company be incentivized to comply? There may be issues that arise with the transfer of intellectual property and I believe it could be difficult to manage that. In addition, would an institution that has a smaller alumni network be at a disadvantage compared to one that has an extensive network?


As a finance student, I think it's critical that students learn financial literacy at a young age, especially considering the fact that we deal with finances on an everyday basis. Individuals often gain financial literacy through trial and error, and teaching that in the classroom can allow for a seamless transition into real world applications. It seems like you've done your research with respect to the demand for this service and the potential real world partners that would help to implement them. I think the ability to invest earnings within the platform is an especially innovative concept, as it will differentiate the platform and allow it to be a one stop shop for students. In terms of the content, how do you plan to create a curriculum and invest in research and development to grow out the platform? The value of the service will undoubtedly be rooted in the quality of learning that it offers and I think that's an essential component to scaling this service.