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Rico commented on MAPP | My Action Plan with Purpose |

@user, I really like the formerly incarcerated aspect and the visual roadmap of one's life growth goals. Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People presents Roles and Goals as frame for organizing one's life. For example one's 'Career role' may set goals in this app. The additional value is setting goals within the context of one's additional life Roles (Mom, Son, Investor, Volunteer, Designer/Engineer, Mentor, etc) since goals compete against time in the day and social pressure.


Rico commented on Mental Health in Higher Education

Thinking through the lens of accessibility: Thanks for adding this. Mental health is key and I'd consider expanding the scope of this idea to include life long access to mental health services as a foundation for higher education. According to the problem statement, people change jobs more frequently and 50% of existing jobs will be gone. This will increase mental stress and health thus affecting one's ability to learn throughout ones' life. Anna, I think your idea not only applies to existing college students but to our older and homeless populations who may have had access to higher education, have vast entrepreneurial experiences and can still contribute to society. There is an opportunity to heal current students and our older and/or homeless life long learner together. There is an opportunity to heal the past entrepreneur and the future social entrepreneur together. Each can share knowledge and wisdom with each other.


Rico commented on Learning on Demand (Anytime,Anywhere)

Great idea. It feels like a combination of Google Search, Wikipedia, Quora and Quizlet apps. Part of the value will be in the curation, accuracy and presentation of the content.