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I'm a part of the MindScribe research team, and what drew my interests to the were the support for multilingualism. I come from a family that speaks 3 different languages (English, Cantonese, and Bosnian) in our household, yet I only came to learn English, and that fact bites me whenever I try to communicate with my grandparents who don't speak English on either side. I want children in multilingual families to be able to connect with their extended family and culture rather than leave it behind.

I work on building smarter apps that help make the interaction with the stuffed animal smoother using audio signal processing techniques I have learned in my electrical engineering classes.

This work has helped me apply theories I have learned in class while also posing the challenge of creating an audio processing app that works in a variety of environments (noisy, quiet, etc.). I have also learned a lot about designing products around user-friendliness and not just algorithmic functionality.