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Trần commented on An App for Mom

Hi Wendy, I've just visited here and have to say that I really love this idea. I'm wondering if you are working on it to make it real one day. I just want to share my thoughts and a very simple idea with you. Sorry for my bad English and poor explanation.
When I read through your idea, I felt touching because something reminded me of my beloved grandparents, they passed away few years ago at the age of 80. In my country - Vietnam many years ago, couples often gave birth to many children, even more than a dozen. My grandparents raised their children, including my father to pass through the war time, when the life was unbelievably tough. Sadly, in the peacetime, the children got mature and started their own lives. My father and his brothers and sisters moved to the urban areas, found jobs, tried to survive there, made their own families and stayed in the the cities. Meanwhile, my grandparents still lived in the countryside, with their first son and daughter. Every year, my grandparents' children and grandchildren in the cities returned to the hometown to visit them 1 or two times. But when my grandparents get older and older, their memory diminished and because they could only meet their children and grandchildren 1 or 2 times a year, it was so sad that sometimes they forgot their children, could not name them correctly, and even thought some of their children were strangers. It was so sad when my grandma could not remember me, one of her favourite grandchildren. That is the truth happening with my grandparents. I think it could be great if they could remember their children and sometimes talk with their kids through online communication tools but the technology advances at that time did not allow us to do that and they passed away. I wish they could have, at least, a chance to call their kids from far distance using Iphone or ipad. If they could, I really think that their memory could be improved somehow. Like I can see my children everyday via the devices. Hence, I really love your idea, a contribution of technology advances and an innovative idea to help people with dementia.

I think it will be great if your app could allow the elders to easily call their kids. Like make it easier for them to make a call by one touch or something because the elders often feel difficult to engage with hi-tech I guess. And it is also great, if the app could have a folder that includes videos (maybe pictures) recording fun time and memorable of the elders with their kids, grandchildren and their old friend. The folder is easy to get access by 1 touch so they can watch it again everyday. I think that could somehow help them to remember others better, especially the relatives. It is inspired by my grandma's habit, she used to keep them in a wooden box and usually took them out to review and shared with other people. Surprisingly, even when her memory diminished due to aging, she can still remembered what happened very clearly through reviewing old pictures.

I hope my story could somehow contributes to your project. All the best!