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Sounds like a great idea. I am wondering about the legal issues with feeding people food that is past its date. If someone gets sick and they find out the food they were served was past its date I could see some pretty heavy lawsuits. Also the health department would crack down on this very hard as I am sure they are pretty adamant about not feeding people old food (that is not to say that it is bad but technically old food is old food). The certification process of this restaurant(s) would be quite hard. I am sure you can tackle these, best of luck, Cole.


Cole commented on Mock Stock

So this is a great idea and I totally love it, but its already been done. That is not to say it can't be improved, the question is how will you improve or change what is already out there to help teach about the stock market and investing. Also consider what platform you are using to teach this class. The stock market changes in values that can be too small to represent even in penny's. The second option would be then to move to a digital platform where you can have digital money that can have changes in tiny decimals. The problem being with that is the costs of creating the program and acquiring the computers. I think you're on to something, best of luck.