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hannahchatham commented on This is not Waste: the case of Brewers' Spent Grain (BSG)

Hello Jessica Aguirre ,

Thanks for this great story! I am curious, how did you happen to focus on this particular waste product? 

I have heard a similar story about a company using used coffee grounds to mix with resin and create a sort of "plywood" and make furniture. These sorts of things are fascinating, but I wonder how to determine what sorts of waste streams are best suited for expansion.. Any thoughts? 



hannahchatham commented on Catering to the Food Waste from Caterers

Hi Sachin Bhide ,
Thanks for the response! Yes, making waste a bit more difficult is part of the solution. Makes me think of hand towel machines that only give you one length of paper towel at a time, so you only pull out what you need. 

I do think there is a line between making something inconvenient for people and punishing someone for an action. To me, a thin plate would make me annoyed, and I would not make the connection between taking less food and my thin plate. I'm going to have to side with your wife here, haha.. 

On another note, you mentioned you want to start an NGO and tap into a particular demographic.. what kind of NGO are you interested in?

To me, the main problems in this "pick up food at end of an event" scenario are:
1. Finding appropriate vehicles to do pick up drop offs. (Another post mentioned utilizing existing transit systems like Lyft and Uber here)
2. Making it a win for the catering companies to even care about allowing/facilitating this
3. Partnering with distribution centers--ie., community centers, food kitchens, maybe even individual's homes?
4. Making it legit/safe with invested advice from a food safety professional


hannahchatham commented on Catering to the Food Waste from Caterers

Hi Julianne Scott , 
I have not participated in an OpenIDEO challenge before, so yes, I think we jump onto solutions in the next phase.. 

Do you have experience in the restaurant/catering industry?