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Leonor commented on Beat isolation

Hi Kate, this project is awesome!! congrats! is it already available? I would really like to use this on my mother in law.


Leonor commented on Beat isolation

Hi! let me see if I don't forget anything :)

1. my MIL sometimes has mental crisis where she speaks non stop, she turns the upside downs looking for things, she packs her bags (saying she as a conference to attend) and she can go without sleep easily for 3 days straight. this is super hard on us because someone has to check what she is doing (one time she forgot the oven on, and the iron);

2. by wander is that she tries to run away. she says she has to go a meeting, or to the lab to some experiment, or teach classes... things like that. she used to a scientist, a virologist (famous one also), so she thinks that she still works. sometimes we say that she will take her, and we just drive around the neighborhood until she forgets (it can take hours...).

3. i think it's just part of her disease. she forgets that she doesn't work anymore, she is not a scientist nor a professor anymore.

4. well, depends on her crisis... has I said sometimes we just drive her around, or go for a walk until she is tired. sometimes we just lock the doors... when she gets to upset and aggressive we tie her down for a bit.

5. sometimes she gets a bit upset at first, but then we sit next to her, watch tv together and ask why she doesn't want to watch tv with us... or we read to her. sometimes we just read scientific studies we download from the internet and say we wrote it :) and ask for her opinion. we read it in a monotone voice... she usually falls a sleep in a couple of minutes.

6. I learned from another caregiver at a meeting a local hospital held. it was really nice.

neither me nor my husband had any training... just lots of patience, trial an error.. and lots of tries not to be frustrated. Also, I saw my grandmother taking care of her MIL and learned a few things from her.

We all live in Portugal :)

feel free to to ask anything you want, this is also the point of this discussion.

Hope I helped


Leonor commented on Beat isolation

Hi Susan, i'll do my best! :)

if the crisis is too hard to manage I use a comfortable arms chair (because she will be spending some time there - sometimes even sleeps in the chair). Fold a sheet 2 or 3 times length wise, or cut a sheet so its long enough to go around the person and the chair, and its wide enough to cover the persons core (waist to under arms). sit the person, pass the sheet on the core and tie at the back of the chair, not very tight. this prevents the person to stand and wander (my mother in lay is a wanderer :) ). put a movie or music or so to distract the person.

If you need this just for a couple of minutes/ 1hour, any chair will do. But besides the core, you can also pass the fabric/sheet and form an X in the front of the person. pass the fabric on the core and tie. then over one shoulder and tie ing in the chairs leg (right shoulder, left chair leg). the back has to be well supported.

the fabric has to be soft, but durable.

Hope I helped :)