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Roshini commented on Can "Share Tables" Reduce Food Waste in Schools?

Hi Nathalie! Sorry for the late reply. First of all, I would like to thank you for the links and your reply to my research. To start off, in our primary and secondary schools some rules have changed. First, there isn’t much visibility of a socioeconomic status during our lunch period. Students can sit anywhere they please. Second, lactose intolerant students, have many options to choose from such as fruit punch. But, despite these changes, students still tend to waste majority of their school lunch. Thus, I had a few ideas in mind:  

-Students can earn points based on the amount of food their class wastes. The lower amount of food they waste the higher points they receive. Then, the class with the highest amount of points can receive a special incentive at the end of the year.

- Another idea I had in mind, expands the share table to a larger scale. Every street can have a food bin. So, at the end of the week one person can go by everyone’s home and collect extra food that they won’t be eating that week. Then, the next week a new person can do the same.

Thank you, Nathalie once again, for your story and your ideas.


Roshini commented on Can "Share Tables" Reduce Food Waste in Schools?

Hi Kate! I do believe that Nancy Chang’s post is similar to mine and has been implemented in our school. However, what I want to do is to expand it across other school districts in the country and have a way of measuring the outcome. Also, thanks for your insight and sharing Nancy’s link to me.