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Thank you for the feedback @Erin Burba, these are great ideas. At this time, users can submit questions into the value pool but not directly. The profiles are visible to people who have not signed in, but you cannot view your percentage match to the candidate. That is a great idea though and something worth reviewing post MVP.
Live Profile Example:
A core part of our mission is transparency in our actions, so we keep our product roadmap public as well:


OurSociety commented on A "Second Chance" At Life

Great suggestion Dima Boulad . Maggie, consider narrowing your focus down a bit. Instead of "Any American Prison System" you could research some prisons that are using progressive methods of rehabilitation and target them for proof of concept experiments.

Also be sure to distinguish between private and public prisons to save time. Private prisons may be unlikely to cooperate with reform without legislative pressure.


OurSociety commented on Resource Based Economy: A New Vision For Humanity

A great book that provides a global energy solution that aligns with the Venus Project is The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin. It explains how we could build continentally connected networks of renewable energy generation where each building acts as a node. Highly recommended.