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Roxanne commented on Koulu School – Everyone has something to teach

What an inspiring idea!

Regarding program/service design, I would be interested in helping develop age-appropriate curriculum around mentorship, crisis coping life skills, and emotional intelligence cultivation for optimal peer-to-peer teaching experiences inside and outside the classroom environment. I think a universal life skill, for example, is systems thinking. As children learn art, math, science, and social studies essentials within a more traditional classroom context, outside of it, grouped peers can apply educational core concepts/themes to their life experience at individual, community, and institutional levels. For example, if the lesson is on water conservation, answering potent questions at 4 levels teaches critical and systems thinking, while also developing emotional intelligence characteristics among peers:

How is water important to you on a (1) physical level, (2) emotional, (3) mental, and (4) spiritual level? (Physical level being your body and your physical environment/Emotional level being how it makes you and others feel/Mental level being the thoughts you have around the issue and others' thoughts/Spiritual level being how you derive meaning from the experience or knowledge around the issue and how meaning has been derived by elders.) Peers can take turns answering potent questions around an issue or core educational concept. Essentially, in answering potent questions around an issue/concept, students are learning how to tell a story--their story, their community story, and share their vision, as well as, distill the knowledge around it. In learning to apply systems thinking to subject matter, students have a framework for understanding and teaching/facilitating complex issues such as water conservation. It in turn develops emotional intelligence as answering potent questions at 4 levels cultivates self-awareness, inspires self-regulation, uncovers motivation, encourages empathy and cultivates social skill! <3