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Anna commented on The MatchMaker

Hi Rana,

This is a great idea which presents a broad set of opportunities for students! What would the incentives for educators be to work with companies and present their challenges and projects to students? Also, do you think students will provide more valuable solutions to challenges if they are rewarded for them?


The idea of catering closer to students' needs in order to help them apply to academic institutions better suited for them is a great idea. Because most rating agencies tend to collect quantitate data, which is less disputable than the qualitative data you want to collect, how will you be measuring the qualitative data's reliability. I guess I'm interested in how you will be able to filter out the bias factors when collecting your survey?


Anna commented on Pnutek


I think this is a really creative idea and will help students tackle academic material, especially students with disabilities. Because your platform will make studying fun, it can also encourage students to study more because they won't associate studying with boring/monotonous activity.
My question is regarding the assessment of their academic performance to test the effectiveness of this app. How will you compare the users' old academic performance to their new ones? Are you going to create individualized assessment tests based on their academic material?