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rajendra commented on Poetry-based Approaches in Adult Education

Thanks Elisabeth. I can visualize the picture from the text!
Seems like human imagination is a canvas on which you can paint with text equally well.

Many thanks for sharing the detailed report.

You might want to explore the PDF on my post titled "Applying Iceberg model in the education system" that will provide you another systemic perspective and provide education methods that are available for use at different different leverage points namely at the mental model level which offers the highest leverage, next at the level of the structure of the education system and finally the lowest leverage point which is the pattern level of the education system.

Happy to explore if we can work together to solve systemic problems in the education system.


rajendra commented on Skill Centric Learning

I like the way you want the problem statement to drive the learning needed to solve it. Can be a real good way for students to learn how to deal with multiple disciplines, their fusion and their interconnections and interdependence.

However in addition to this, one may also need to develop the understanding of why something needs to be done. Most education is about how to do things and gain mastery in them. However a subtle change in priority can be to understand why something needs to be done and then how it needs to be done.

Just to give some food for thought, think about how even a seemingly simple life form like the Corona virus without a lab, without sophisticated test and measurement equipment and no complex quantum computers or internet access has managed to figure out how to make copies of itself inside our cells. It might be good to figure out what access the little critter has that we don't? ;)