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Last week we included this proposal at its current stage in a Production Systems module with 35 of our MSc Aquaculture students. We presented the project proposal and your feedback process and then divided them into groups to work on the categories of uptaker and then stakeholder beneficiaries who would be suited for this type of inner city production system and then to work through the start up and value chain linkages each backyard catfish producer would have to go through . They then presented at the end in 4 groups - their potential uptakers to pilot this system included a Carpenter (aged 30) married to a hairdresser (skillset in construction and also small scale business ) , a schoolteacher incorporating her students into the prod and sales (not so sure of this one?), a female market trader (in her 50s) with two daughter a son and 4 grandchildren dealing in maize milling and flour sales with two teenage schoolchildren, and a young single 23 year mobile cook who prepares chicken pork vegetables and small fish dishes on charcoal each day to sell round to her customers . In each case the students developed the business plan and associated links into the inner city value chain - Key points that came out included : Good Security essential , Smoking the catfish as value addition would improve sales and profit margin, the activity growing catfish not requiring full time attention but could be incorporated into their other daily activities. One of the groups repeatedly wanted this to run as educational charity and use it to educate children however didn't grasp that it had to be a self sustaining financially viable income earning activity . With respect I think this is because for many western students - and others in the west - they very much see this as being Charitable Aid and have no idea what will happen when the finite project funding runs out - For this group by the end of the session it had begun to sink home that not all project proposals for Malawi are about Aid. In fact in two out of the other 3 groups we have Nigerian students - who are well aware of the origins and evolution of their now v lucrative periurban catfish culture sector - they picked up on this v quickly and helped their fellow western and Asian students with background on the types of people 20 years ago in Nigeria who had started small scale and been successful - as a group the Nigerian students are very entrepreneurial even whilst studying for one year in Scotland One student after we finished the session asked me if he could help in any further way with the actual application ..... It was a good teaching exercise and many positive outcomes ....