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Luke commented on This Isn't Your Mama's Bone Marrow Donation Process

Hi Marney,

As the recipient of a bone marrow transplant 10 years ago, I appreciate the time, consideration and research in this concept. What resonates with me is that you identified two major barriers to the donation process- fear and misinterpretation. I clearly remember my brother hearing that the donation procedure was equivalent to "being kicked by a horse" when in fact it was relatively quick and painless. The parallel to a blood transfusion is an excellent one.

I also like the rebranding strategy that invokes the "superpower” of bone marrow. While we know a great deal about the science of the transplant process, much of it still remains a mystery- especially how it knows where to go and when the transplant takes. Plus, I think of my brother as a "superhero" for saving my life.

I do, however, think the images supporting your concept have room for improvement. The leading image simply reinforces the stereotypical image of a cancer patient while ignoring the nuances of the disease or the transplant process. The other images reflect those found in a motivational calendar. Instead, I would visualizing the ease of the process in a photorealistic way.

Moreover, indirectly tying the process of donating bone marrow to that of winning a volleyball match or signing a new client detracts from the value of the act. Stay simple: donating is special but it is also easy.

I would also not limit your audience. A "hip, clean campaign" does not necessarily need to preclude other generations- especially when the recipient would benefit from the bone marrow of anyone.

Again, thank you for submitting the concept. There are some very strong ideas in this proposal that I hope are carried forward.

On a side note, during the transplant process my nurses told me that recipients of a BMT have been known to take on the characteristics of their donor- from blood type (which is true) to other factors such as hair color and favorite foods. While this may be an old wives’ tale, my brother and I are now aligned in the types of beer we enjoy- mainly Guinness. Now that’s a true superpower.