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Jonathan commented on Storage batteries improve

Storing electricity in batteries is really quite complicated because there are many issues that need to be addressed.

The first is what does it cost to store a kWh of electricity over the life of the battery. Part of this is the initial capital cost of the battery, but the maintenance costs, have to be added and then that cost divided by the number of cycles that the battery can be usefully operated, how much is stored in each cycle and how efficient the battery is as the charge goes in and out.

Then there are also the environmental consequences and safety issues related to shipping, installing and using any given battery technology. Other important issues include the energy density kWh/weight), the power density which relates to the battery's ability to take on and release charge. There is also the form factor which relates to how efficiently the battery cells can be mounted, which relates to the volumetric energy density, or how much energy can be stored in a given volume. Other important issues are self-discharge rate and the amount of time that a battery can be reliably used without going through any charge/discharge cycling. Unless all these factors are taken into account then you cannot even evaluate how useful and economically viable any given battery technology will be.

From the research I have done, I only see one battery technology in mass-production capable of storing electricity at a sufficiently low cost to be able to actually reduce the cost of electricity over conventional fossil and nuclear fueled generators. That technology is lithium titanate technology, now in mass production in Japan and China.


Jonathan commented on Lighting up homes for healthy children and families

Another thing to look into is if these lantern lights are well protected from UV rays. Plastic items often quickly degrade in strong sunlight.


Jonathan commented on Lighting up homes for healthy children and families

One other thing, these devices will not provide much light at all if you have two days or more of dark cloudy weather.