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Hi Ashley! Thanks for your interest. I'm happy to share more.

1) Right now where we are with product development, we've have the front end designs, UX flow, and a pretty idea of the first prototype for this. We're currently interviewing freelancers with product management and mobile app development to draft a Statement of Work (with user stories and feature requirements) for the Proof of Concept. We're hoping to have the SOW in the next several weeks, then we'll use that to put out a call for bids on the Proof of Concept.

2) We've been testing some of our core assumptions and our missions on a Facebook group with a small number of youth. Our goal was to begin testing our content to see if youth were willing to complete the missions and if so, which ones and what characteristics might these more popular missions have in common. The three most popular missions so far are called: “Spy Game”, “Battle Style” and “Stand for the Silent.” Spy Game encourages the player to write an anonymous note to someone who is being bullied in the community. Battle Style leads the player through a quiz that reveals his or her conflict style, from collaborator to competitor. Stand for the Silent asks young people to choose a violent conflict and do a silent protest in a public place for the victims of that violence. We were also able to begin drawing some initial conclusions about characteristics these missions have in common. We did this by looking at elements of each mission, such as the level of mastery over peacebuilding skills the mission requires, the level of autonomy, or freedom of interpretation, the mission allows, the logistics of time and resources required, and the particular peacebuilding competencies the mission intends to strengthen. We analyzed the participation of young people both by overall correlation between popularity of a mission and the level of difficulty, autonomy, or logistics required as well as by identifying trends in the choices youth made between paired missions. Because we offered two mission options side by side each week, we could set up an A/B comparison to see, given the choice, would young people choose, for example, a more difficult mission or a simpler one.
In a statistically significant finding, however, 75% of young people chose to complete the mission of the pair that required less autonomy, meaning the young person had less freedom in interpreting how to carry out the mission. Further data will allow us to determine if this is because these missions have more clear instructions, take less time, or simply offer a lower barrier to getting started. There also seems to be a correlation between youth being more likely to pick the less difficult mission of the pair, but so far we do not have enough data to determine if the relationship is significant and will persist over time and with different groups.
3. Besides funding our two biggest needs are a technical team and recruitment for initial users and testers. Eventually, we'd like to have an in-house technical team or a technical partner that would develop, adapt, and manage the technical side of the mobile and web application so that we're responsive to our users. My partner and I (and our organization) do not have expertise in this. Our first attempt at this, we trusted a development firm that came highly recommended but did not deliever in the end. We also need to be recruiting potential users. We're stilling testing missions and assumptions on our Facebook group, and now we're expanding to a Facebook Page. We want to start building a community, continue learning, and build a strong core user base. We have good connections abroad through our organization, but ironically we don't have as good connections in the US.

4. YES! is our organization!

5. Do you think I should include any of this in the application above? I was running out of characters and picking and choosing information. Any advice is welcome!