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Zachary commented on Bringing consumption closer to production

Hello Eroteme,

I first want to say this a great approach to solving the psychological part of food wasting. It is important to get someone in the right mindset so they make the right choice when it comes to the amount of food they waste.
Your product of providing the farm space will get people in the conservative mindset but how will you get someone to pay for the food if they are only buying it to enjoy the atmosphere and not enjoy the food they cook? I only say this because, when I cook something new for the first time in a place other than my kitchen, it usually tastes awful and gets tossed in the trash. Another thing that came to mind was, are people allowed to show up for free and take whatever they want and cook it? My concern is, how this will benefit the farmer that is allowing the space for all the people to come and enjoy. The flow here is blocked because there is no beneficiary for the farmer. It will only give him down falls. There would need to be parking provided. This would deter him from other space that he could potentially put crops in.
Targeting people to do this kind of activity is important. I feel like this is only going toward one group of people. This mostly goes for the vegans, vegetarians, and people that thrive to eat only organic. What about targeting all groups? Is there any kind of meat that can be involved? How can you attract this activity to people that don’t like eating fresh foods? Maybe some kind of campaign to change how people think about their diet? The fact that eating healthier can make you live longer. Things like that should help attract a greater crowd at each of these outings.
Transportation is a big part to keep the flow of people coming. People that don’t have cars will not be able to go to your idea. If you think of it, most people in New York City don’t have cars because it is hard to maneuver in traffic and it takes way too long to get from point A to point B. There is no way a citizen of inner Manhattan will walk to rural New York State where there are farming fields. Could there be a way your idea can provide transportation for those in need of a ride? The bigger stock of people you provide, the bigger your business will grow.
Your outline of the idea is not very clear to me. Are people actually going to get the food and eat it at the farm? Or are they getting it delivered to them? Which the second question would defeat the whole purpose of physically going to the farm and not wasting the produce.

These are just some things for you to think about. Best of luck in the future.


Zachary commented on The Revolverator

The revolver fridge seems like a decent idea, but I believe there are some flaws. If there is a family with many young children that are able to open the fridge, will they be able to operate the revolving shelves without spilling the contents? This comes to mind because if a bottle of wine was on the shelf and the child went to grab the milk carton and hit the revolving cycle and the bottle broke and cut the child, the mom would not be very happy.
My other concern would be the cost of the fridge. With all of this technology and parts it sounds like it will be a high costly fridge and because of this, a lot of families wouldn’t be able to afford it. This would put sales down and essentially put you out of business with the fridge.
Enough of the negativity now and let’s focus on the positives. The fridge itself will be great on saving food because the space will allow families to buy only the food they need and what they want. This will not only help their grocery bill but also their health. The technology sounds top notch and it will certainly save food by addressing the way people think when it comes to storing food.
Keep working with idea and never give up on your dreams.


Zachary commented on Empty Plate Discount


This idea sounds great but I have a few questions. Will coupons be a requirement for all restaurants to have? I only ask this because if there was some kind of calculation that showed the amount of food wasted verses if there was a coupon given to customers in that mindset. Will this be passed and created a law for all restaurants? It could essentially go that far if you wanted it too. If I were in the restaurant in the mindset of getting a coupon in the end then I would definitely finish every meal and get that coupon. If all the people that finished their plates would get coupons; could that make businesses lose money? That would be where many calculations will come in place. Once you made that step, then you could see if it could work for that company. Basically the restaurant that has a higher income in the first place could most likely do the coupon per plate deal. The only way a restaurant with low income could do it is if they lower the percent off on the coupon. That should balance the income to lost money ratio. Keep at the great ideas and think further into your idea and see what restaurants think of it.