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Thanks mom for covering just about everything we collaborated on- I think the one thing you didn’t illuminate so much is the accessibility issue- the idea that WAVE can help people stay mobile and help them get good nutrition by not being limited by what they can carry. The baskets have a handle that we didn’t prototype on the wire model, and the canvas bags on the bent plywood still have to be mocked up! You’re right- design thinking never ends!

Having a garden close to your home would mean you're eating the freshest produce all the time. Most fruits and vegetables are picked before they can ripen on the plant and are then allowed to ripen in a semi truck on their way to you. 

Vertical gardens are also great for urban areas and it would be neat to see employers in cities allow their employees to plant roof top gardens. Imagine picking vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers and basil right before you leave work and making a very fresh salad for dinner. This could alleviate the need to run to the grocery store every few days to buy fresh vegetables.