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Gayanjith commented on Social Innovation Academy (SINA)

Hi Etienne Ssuubi  ! Congratulations on getting shortlisted for the refinement phase! It's a very creative and innovative idea that you are proposing. And another fun fact is "Sina" means "Smile" in Sinhala (in Sri Lanka) :)

As I understood first, SINA is a model which is similar to 'Training the trainer'. Am I correct? These refugees can be talented people that possess unique skill sets and who had been doing very good jobs before the unfortunate situations. Any plans to identify this talent and to make use of that? Sometimes we do big mistakes by stereotyping things and people.

I really like the idea of beneficiaries running the program themselves. It makes them make decisions for themselves. But at some point they might need a mentor. Do you have a plan for that?

In a big idea like this, it is normal to make a few assumptions and design on that. Have you made any assumptions? If so, what is the riskiest assumption that you have made here?

Hi Kurt Davis , Congratulations on getting shortlisted for the refinement phase! The user journey map is really helpful and comprehensive. Even within the refugees you will identify a lot of talent, people who have been working as businessmen/women successfully in the past? What is your plan to make use of this talent?
I'm excited to know more about the program that you have designed to train these people to gain business skills and knowledge really quickly.

Hi Katie Messick Maddox , Congratulations on getting shortlisted for the refinement phase! It is great to have you on the challenge. This idea is really fascinating. I come from Sri Lanka which was a highly agricultural country a couple of decades ago. But as you have correctly mentioned in your post, the middle men have destroyed the agricultural industry in a way that it cannot stand on its feet again. Recently, the Sri Lankan farmers had to give away their pumpkin crops free of charge or for a few cents because of this corruption. I'm glad to see you trying to find a solution for this, which all our governments failed at.

I see that you are going for a Digital Transformation here and also incorporate data warehousing as well, which is really great! I'm interested about learning more on the other systems in the ecosystem that you are creating. And I would love to see a prototype/working product of the platform you are creating and how it helps the farmers to do better. Or even a simple data flow diagram would be sufficient to understand how your platform works. Very curious and excited to know more :)