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Dan commented on Forms as (Pedagogical) Features

Hi Pete Kale and Natalie LeRoy ,
Thanks for that feedback. Just back in LA and haven't had a chance to look things over - I think some examples will clarify - I have a few and my students created a few last semester. Will post in a bit.


Dan commented on Industry needs study

This would be especially useful if it were not specific needs (like we need people who know technology X), but rather an identification of what skills, habits of mind, styles of thinking, etc. they find distinguishes the employees they especially value. Help universities to understand this not in terms of "we need 30% more java coders than we are currently producing," but instead something more like "sometimes you send us people who really know how to listen and synthesize ideas - can you do more of that?"

This reminds me of a vocational school I visited in Berlin. One floor contained "classrooms" for hair salon, florist shop, retail clothing. Another had a machine shop. Another contained a restaurant and kitchen. Each was real combo of learning space and doing space. I've often wondered whether we might replicate this in connection with fields that we think of less as "vocations" than these.