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Shiwen commented on Remaining Social

actually your idea inspires me! right now we actually already had AI chatting robot, they can learn from people's reactions and information from internet then change the character of themselves and have their own personality! How amazing is that!
If we can relize the generalization of AI , we could be able to creat the chatting robot that can learn from these social media pages so they can have the same character with our loved ones and can  imitate their way to reply.
It is going to be exciting!


Shiwen commented on Design for death

Thanks Marine! These designs definetly made "death" beautiful and less negative.

Hi Heather, I can not agree anymore that your grandmother thinks everyone should embrace death as a part of our life. Also, I love the idea about redesign the education system or including a program that teachs student what is death and how we can accept it naturaly.
From my own experiences, i have leant a lot about death from my biology class in high school. I always remenber one thing my teacher told us : The old lives have to die in order to make space for new lives. I reckon Biology really explains what is life in terms of death and renewing from a scientific and macroscopic way , which makes young students more easier and ratioanl to think about death.  Another subject that also already in our compulsory education and playing a key role in understaning death is history .  History teachs us how to seeing the things in a mraco perspective based on thousands of years history of the world evolution.
I think adding some changes in these two subjects would be most achiveable and effective way to reform the current education system to help students get better understanding of death.
Besides, we can include some philosopy discussion and reading or debating activies in school.
Hope it was helpful:)