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A cookbook of teaching recipes by leading practitioners and educators to introduce design-doing into your classrooms. Tried, tested, true.

A cookbook of teaching recipes by leading practitioners and educators to introduce design-doing into your classrooms. Tried, tested, true.

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This is a very relevant idea. I often hear students complaining that they learn (what they deem to be) useless information in school, but don't even know how to accomplish real-world tasks, such as completing their taxes, or understanding how a mortgage works. Regardless of career path, almost everyone will one day need to consider their taxes and deal with huge amounts of finance-related problems. Financial literacy is something that would greatly benefit people of all ages, but especially younger people, so that they are able to form good habits before they enter the workforce.

I have a few questions, though. The description says that "this platform will act as a marketplace that matches student workers with local demand such as design, marketing, influencer opportunities that allow students an easy way to make money on their own terms while not working a traditional job or traditional hours." What kinds of financial tasks would this involve? Additionally, although students would be required to complete courses in order to purchase some simple financial instruments, what would happen in the scenario by which the student investor loses money from their investment? Lastly, I want to ask if your app's badges could translate into some sort of credential in the real world, that these students can add to their resumes or leverage during their career search.


Dominique commented on Future School- July 17

Hi Max and team,

This is a very well-thought out idea, and I applaud you for your efforts. While I think it is a very experimental idea, it certainly has a lot of potential I believe, especially geared towards inquisitive minds. Many people learn much better from a project-based perspective, rather than a pedagogical one, and this kind of application and methodology could really allow people to refine their skills and explore new interests.

I have some questions:
(1) Is this meant to replace or supplement the traditional classroom experience for students?
(2) Do you plan to give credentials for attending FutureCollege and BaseSchool?


Dominique commented on The Cookbook

Hi Rana and team,

I just went through your storyboard, which was very well-designed and thorough. This idea seems great for a collaborative kind of learning, in which the work of a team may yield better quality than the work of an individual. Because the cookbook itself is very detailed in its methodology, I think you should market this product to new teachers/professionals who may not have the experience of executing group projects in a classroom setting. In many ways, I think seasoned professors may tend to stick to their ways since they may deem it as "tried and true," given their success with it in the past. For these more experienced educators, the marketing needs to be geared in a way that the teaching methods in a classroom would fare well from some innovation, and that real value can be derived from different methodology methods in design-doing. Lastly, I would say ClassLab is going to be a real asset to this idea. It would give educators a much more interactive and tangible way to observe the methodologies and apply it to their own contexts.