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Am using this entitlement to publish the mystery power of herbs. it is very obvious that civilization has made us neglect the healing power that is embodied in Natures plant as in plant for healing(herbs). we now rely on scientific med a lot. even the scientific med is an extract of some certain plants of nature and are not as effective compared to herbal that the ancients used to live longer life.I think those who has tried all scientific means of getting cure , but to no avail should give herbal remedy a try. I am Moesha from Atlanta Georgia ,i got cured of ALS by herbal prescription from dr. kpomosa (, Email i saw on natural health support forum.Same disease many medical doctor find difficult to treat, to them its seems like a mystery, its not , its Nature. Do not be deceived, every problem has a solution,likewise every sickness has a definite cure , just that we are ignorant to them. all thanks to natural health support On Facebook. And to dr.kpomosa for his wisdom, that God has given him to get knowledge of the right herbs to fight all disease, i endorse herbs for all who has run out of idea on what to do to get healing, what ever it is, either be it; Parkinson disease ,Stroke, diabetes type 1 and 2, kidney disease, heart disease,blood disease ,brain tumor , cancer,even infertility, fibroid and weight losing herbs, obesity etc. any sickness that has proven difficult for medical doctors, trust me natural herbal is the only and last resort.