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Gavin commented on What am I really paying for?

Hi Harrison, thanks for your reply!
I am enjoying the coursework, and I think in future quarters and years it will become increasingly valuable and unique to my interests. I attended a high school that focused exclusively on projects for several classes, but I've only done one small project so far in college. I see value in both individual and group work, but most universities probably weigh too heavily on individual work in my opinion. 
I'm just starting out, so I hope to continue to find new communities, but so far I've really enjoyed my honors discussion class because of the diversity of ideas of the class. 


Gavin commented on What am I really paying for?

Hi Jim, thanks for your comment!
One of the reasons I'm so glad I'm at a private university is because I feel like is more personal connection and more informal learning opportunities than a large public university or state school.
Personal connections with professors, career support, and other informal learning opportunities can be difficult to scale into large universities without much funding. 
How could we scale this type of learning opportunity to greater numbers of young people?


Gavin commented on What am I really paying for?

Hi Gregory!
I totally agree! On one hand, some of my current classes (like Calculus or Econ) are mainly transferring information that I could easily learn online at a much lower cost. However some of the discussion classes and extracurricular opportunities are impossible to price and very valuable to my learning and future. 
Many students take classes at community colleges for the first few years then transfer into a larger university...
I wonder how we could optimize college so that the strengths (human interaction, connections, professional opportunities) are maximized and the weaknesses (an expensive way to learn things that could be learned online) are minimized.