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Akemi commented on College as workforce preparation, not torture

But only for the poor and middle class, as the wealthy and business classes will continue sending their children to the finest schools regardless of their qualms about low productivity and best business practices.

But does this new zeal for parsimony in education spending signal capitulation in the global economic race? According to the report from report after all workers in China labor for far less, don't (often) demand safe or healthy work environments, don't unionize, and don't require health care. And China already offers multi-national corporations freedom from onerous regulation--that is, freedom to pollute the air and water without worrying about that new GOP scapegoat, the EPA. Add in subsidies, low taxes and an artificially low currency and you've got an export powerhouse, rendering most workers in developed nations superflous.

And what else is education for if we no longer require a thinking workforce? Surely well-informed, thoughtful citizens are more trouble than ignorant, confused yahoos wearing tin hats emblazoned with the Fox News logo.