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Laura commented on Teenage Pregnancy in Colombia

Hi Lauren Ito !

I have been searching a lot about what programs or solutions exist here in Colombia for this situation and I have concluded 3 things:
1. Regarding the part of prevention of teenage pregnancy there has been a lot of different programs that have been designed for it, some of them still exist but they haven't produced good results, what I mean is, they haven't been effective in reducing this problematic.
2. Respecting the post-partum situation, where you can notice more the emotional consequences, it doesn't exist any type of solution or program just for teenage moms, you can always find programs where any kind of mom can assist and participate and get a general response but I think teenage moms need a special treatment and support from the system because they are going through a special situation
3. Here in Colombia you can differ between high and low income persons more than from rural and urban areas; despite of the different programs that you can find with a basic response, there is always going to be a huge difference between the high and low income people here in Colombia, here is more possible to find out that people with a high income can access to very good health and psycological experiences, but the low income people can't access to them as easily, fact that worries more because the majority part of pregnant teenagers come from the low income part of population.


Laura commented on Teenage Pregnancy in Colombia

Thank you so much! has been fun and a very good learning experience!


Laura commented on Teenage Pregnancy in Colombia

Hi Kate Rushton !

I think that in order to create a good solution a whole system needs to be design, one of the parts of the system can be the one you just showed to me, but another important thing to think about is the way that we can bring that solution to the people that sometimes are left out like non-development countries and low income people.

But in conclusion yes, communication is one of the most effective tools to put an end to this situation.