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Our group developed our initial prototype and we share it in the google drive.We place them in order from 1 to 4.
1. It shows the food people are craving for in 3 ways: different categories in icons/ searching box/voice recognising system.People should choose or enter their craving food category. If people choose the icon, the app will go to page 2.If they search it in the input box or using voice recognition, the page will go to page 3.
2. It shows the sub-categories people are craving for ,so that users will determine the exact food they want to eat right now. People should click on the food pattern they prefer.
3.It shows their craving food on the left (green color), and the suggested alternatives on the right(in pink, brown and blue) .Also, under the original food ,different key words are provided to narrow down the food features they really want.For example, users need to drag the dot to a certain distance which refers to their perference for calory, protein, and other nutrition indicators.For each substitute , besides the name and the image of the food,a nutrition radar chart will be shown underneath.At the very bottom ,there are two buttons: order and recipe.People are supposed to click in the bottom button (order/recipe) for the alternative food they prefer.
4.When people finish step 3,there comes the map for the location of finding the food ,both including restaurants and markets,etc.

Welcome any suggestions:)AND LETS MAKE IT BETTER

User interface is very important for the app. It's better if it can have the function of self defining the font size,graphs sizeand languages so that it can work for a larger users,for example the old people and the people who can recognize English.

There might be a problem that not many people will have the incentive to use this app.Or to another words, not many people are food cravers so there may not be a large market for this app. My suggestion is to make more function which can apply to normal people's life .For example,we can expand the need of food craving to bad eating habits.Also, the app will use the users' behaviors to give a suggestion for the alternatives.