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Cei commented on Healthier Homemaking

I like the "pay it forward" nature of this idea. Thinking about the target groups, I'm wondering how this app could break down some of the barriers created by the time crunch (job, childcare, long commute). Could there be a subsection around how to create time, money, and space to enact healthier practices?


Cei commented on Mentoring outdoor exercising

I like the outdoor fitness idea and the idea of engaging technology to expand its scope. I wonder if you could use Skype or something similar to break down all possible barriers? That way if someone can't get a physical group together, they could tune in to a group or another individual through video and have support in doing their workout that way.


Cei commented on Step by Step [app]

This is great. I think habit building is often one of the greatest barriers to wellness, and this would help folks navigate how to actually form a habit. Is there a way that it would check in with you about longer term goals? Say you wanted to get in the habit of taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Could the app have a nudge function that checked in on how often you're doing the stairs?