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MAMMOTH commented on Mortal(IT)y VR [Updated July 31 - Updates Bolded]

Hello Everyone,

I am Matt Wright, the CXO and Founder of MAMMOTH VR. I have been working with Jamie on developing out this idea and can talk to the technology side of things.

The technology I mentioned initially is Photogrammetry which would bring the "person" into a 3D space. This would require to take thousands of images and stitch them together to create a persons virtual avatar in 3D. Other ways of doing this would be by using things like project Tango or the Xbox Kinect. They are not to the same quality as photogrammetry but could be easier for the general public to start doing. Here is a video of someone using the Kinect to scan a body. 

I think that we are many many years from AI being where it needs to be. The thought behind developing profiles and gathering information on people now is enabling future generations to have the data needed to essentially bring a person back to life in the virtual world. This data would be stored and once AI technology is there we would hopefully have enough data to create a fairly accurate representation of how that person interacted with the world and give them the ability to tell stories which they documented previously. 

My goal is not about targeting a particular audience. It is about enabling future generations to have a better understanding of people in the past. Essentially giving users in the future the ability to travel back in time and have a discussion with Elon Musk or their great great grandfather. This is a huge idea, but these need to start somewhere. :)

Data is being collected everyday about us and is being used to market products to us based on our beliefs, interactions and habits. I want to give users the ability to collect this data and share it in the future. Think of it like donating organs but you are donating your online interactions and stories. 

The win from my perspective here is to at least start enabling people to start the process of archiving their interactions, stories and digital avatars.