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Raj commented on Weddings

Interesting Initiatives Sachin especially about RSVPd guests. However it may seem difficult to implement as in India esp. North India there is a season for weddings (about two months or so) and I have seen people in families hopping from one wedding to another and tasting bits and pieces of food in most of the attended ones. So in such a scenario the idea of RSVPing may also turn a flop! 

I agree with your viewpoint that penalties have to be imposed (preferably as a rule of law) accompanied by public embarrassment. That's how I came up with this idea of asking student volunteers (these days there is no dearth of these!) to reach all such lavish weddings in advance and ask for about 50-100 plates of food packed for them. This on one hand may create an awkward situation for the hosts to refuse (read for a cause for poor and destitute) and if they do, such senseless food waste with no empathy for poor may be highlighted in media (even social media may do the job). An NGO or a start-up may like this idea worthwhile to experiment with.   


Raj commented on People flaunt through lavish food variety

Hi Kate. You are right Alcohol don't get wasted, at least as left-over:) but in people's stomachs for sure! I also found interesting post by Sachin Bhide in this regard. There are many social start-ups that have come out to do this last mile connectivity between hotels (mainly five-stars) and needy people in slums. See the link: or


Raj commented on Talisman, a shining light for small-holder farmers

@Contribution : Working with Talisman during piloting in the field, I know for sure how challenging it could become to win confidence of smallholder farmers for a Next-Gen Mobile App based Agri-tech-solutions while some of them are still struggling to use some of the conventional agri-implants and other existing hardware to improve their cropping/harvesting practices. Thankfully our engaging multimedia content with an interesting GUI comes handy for us, which draws wide attention esp. from rural youth as by using some of these features, they actually gear up to change and transform their own/traditional occupation of agriculture and are taking a keen interest in knowing new ways!