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Francis commented on Empowering Young People to Choose to Live Healthy Lives!

Hey Dima Boulad  thank you so much for your insights throughout the refinement process. We were unable to fully prototype the idea within the time of the refinement phase. However, we put together the user journey and illustrations to show how they integrate together. In addition, we are still on track to follow it through to gather learnings from the pilot implementation.


Francis commented on Empowering Young People to Choose to Live Healthy Lives!

Hi OpenIDEO team,

Thank you for your edifying feedback and the clarifying questions. Here are the responses to your questions:

1) We have refined the user journey to hopefully make it more integrated in terms of the different elements for any reader. It shows the user journey and the incentives at every stage.

The Triggerise system is based on movercado, which is an operating system that enables the building and deployment of custom interactions and stand-alone applications that can be brought to scale at a fairly fast rate. More information on how movercado works can be found here

The dance4life curriculum's theory of change ( is anchored on the Theory of Planned Behavior and Theory of Reasoned Action by Martin Fishbein and Ajzen Icek, while the social-emotional learning aspect enhances the individual’s capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviours to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges ( The theory of Planned behaviour and theory of reasoned actions suggests that a person's behaviour is determined by his/her intention to perform the behaviour and that this intention is, in turn, a function of his/her attitude toward the behaviour and his/her subjective norm ( Together with the international guidance on comprehensive sexuality education by the UNESCO education sector, we hence form our journey4life curriculum which is detailed further here (

Therefore, The journey4life improves the individual confidence, gender attitudes, and addresses social norms through a comprehensive cycle of 18 contact hours facilitated by the champion4life. The Tiko system ( rewards positive behaviour to promote health outcomes by creating an ecosystem of Tiko Pro agents (mobilizers who create awareness), Tiko traders (merchants who accept redemption of Tiko miles for cash - 1 mile is 1 Ksh), service providers (incentivised and rated for user-friendliness) through their system. Every service and interaction is rated and every one has an incentive to give the best service to Esther (the archetype).

2) Triggerise and dance4life are in partnership for this pilot to draw learnings of combining intrinsic motivation and external motivation to the health outcomes of the adolescent. I Choose Life Africa is currently dance4life's franchisee implementing a UNICEF grant to reach adolescents in Nairobi and Mombasa.

3) Kenya is the laboratory for Tiko explore, which is supported by the Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). It was established in 2016 and their impact can be found here ( They are also part of the "In Their Hands" consortium with Marie Stopes and Well Told Stories reaching adolescents using innovative demand generation strategies and incentivising access to health services.

4) We have considered dividing the adolescents into 10-14 years and 15-19 years. These bands are generally adopted for health programming for adolescents in Kenya.

Thank you.


Francis commented on Empowering Young People to Choose to Live Healthy Lives!

Hey Iliriana Kacaniku ,  thanks for the reminder. I have uploaded the business model canvas and responding to expert questions also. I uploaded the business canvas model on the submission itself, was there somewhere else we were to share it on?