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Khuyen commented on Pick a problem not a major - updated 2/26 user map

Hi Terry, could you please add me to the team? I'd love to be updated, especially with how the small group discussion is moving forward!

| the more someone can think about and refine their story for a given audience the more they know the depth and value of the asset they bring to a given community |

Yes! And the key word here is "given" --- stories can be very specific and therefore be a powerful instruments for change. I've read the entry "Pick a problem" and really liked it. The way I think about it is "Pick a question" and track how that question evolves over time. To me, a question seems more dynamic and active than a problem. Anyway, let's collaborate!

| the question most dreaded and the one they feel most unprepared for is 'Tell me about yourself'. |

Coming from Vietnam I completely agree! (I've got better though, thanks to US college admission process. It also helps that the story doesn't have to be verbal, because many are more comfortable writing things down).

I think the "Tell me about yourself" question is too generic from the interviewer's side too. I believe many employers now ask "Tell me about a time when you ..." It is important for the students to remember that the interviewer often means the latter, not the former. If I were an interviewer I'd ask "Tell me about a time where you put your whole heart & mind into something. What was it? How was it? How did you emerge after the experience?"

Interesting. Manvitha Ponnapati just mentioned to me a similar point that re-reading the stories we have told/written would help the learners stay with the original intention when they started the learning journey. I write letters for myself and set it automatically send to myself at a random point in the future. Thanks so much for sharing!