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Ali commented on Skillshare + Logotherapy (finding meaning in life)

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for sharing this. I am excited by the proposition because teaching and learning in a group can allow refugee children in embracing life skills that can help them reconnect with the world. I have also been working on developing a similar idea where children are made to work in a group and are guided through a tablet which they use as teaching aid and also to document their feelings as they do so, in the form of pictures and videos. It will be great to have your opinion on it. Please see the link below for greater access:


Ali commented on ‘Making something from nothing’

Hi Alix. Thank you for the share! It is an exciting idea! I strongly believe in self learning and believe that by providing a platform where students can perform activities with products that they can relate to can contribute immensely in improving children confidence and bridging their communication gap with the world. I have been thinking about something similar but hope to leverage technology by providing students with tablets which they can use to document their day against verbal triggers of 'happy moment', 'angry moment' , 'sad moment' etc. and use that as means to reach out to them.

It would be great to see your team's comments on how viable do you think this approach will be? The idea can be seen in detail here:

Great share Usanii lab! I am extremely excited about the idea of a design workshop. I think self learning is the way to proceed and refugee students should be allowed to learn by documenting their experiences as well. I am trying to work on a slight deviation of this model by leveraging technology and use of tablets for them to document their stories as they progress through the leadership and design workshop. It will be great to have your comments and suggestions for improvement on this: