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Hi, Peter.
Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I will be in New York on Saturday but let's definitely get together. You are welcome to visit us in New Haven and see what we are doing. Or, if there is something to see in Manchester, I can make the trip up. Let me know how your curriculum meeting on Saturday goes.
Kind regards,

Hi, Jessica. I like your Huckleberry app. We submitted our proposal for a Early Childhood Sleep Literacy Project focusing on the quality of a young child's sleep. We are preparing to use AI and sensors in a pillow to measure and monitor REM and NREM sleep and then, based on the collected data, develop a sleeping and napping pillow for young children from 1 year, or possibly 6 months, of age and older. We and our affiliate in China are already selling cervical pillows to adults. I'd really like to see whether we can collaborate together, particularly on the education part of getting the message out. I think our business models are quite compatible. I'll send you an invite to connect via LinkedIn. Kind regards, Carlton

Hi, Erin,

I just sent the following message to Seth as a follow-on to yours:

"Hi, Seth,

Like your and Erin's Open Submission project, ours regarding an Early Childhood Sleep Literacy Project involves ACEs, too. We are Sammi Pillows and our application is at: We are using AI and sensors to monitor and measure good sleep in young children, then to improve upon an early childhood pillow made available to children age 1 year, or even 6 months depending on our findings, and older. The other major component of our project is education and here is something that might provide us with an opportunity for collaboration."

Kind regards, Carlton"

At Sammi Pillows, we concentrate on disruptive sleep patterns as an ACE suffered by children 0-3 during the most critical time for brain development. I am wondering whether the good sleep message can be part of your social story to spread the word about the need for good sleep at the earliest age.

Kind regards, Carlton