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Hi Eunice,
Thanks for your message and I appreciate the fact that you have identified me (us) as a possible collaborator. I welcome the idea.
You can reach me through and/or 0754710815.

Hi Eunice,
Thank you for the inputs, they are very valid and they will be part of the indicators to gauge the performances by different intervening organizations.
I will include them when and if I make the Refinement phase.

Stay blessed.


Thanks for the feedback,
First and foremost, I am grateful for taking time to go through my idea and--most importantly-- sharing the feedback. Below are my responses to the comments provided, which I will also incorporate in the text in my idea.
1. My relationship with the stakeholders is good (and it has become even better during the feedback phase--they are very excited to see the system). During the feedback phase we took steps to visit the stakeholders involved--maternal mothers (through different hospitals), doctors in different hospitals and health systems developers to see how this system can integrate in the existing ecosystem. The feedback was overall good and helpful. Specific partnership with the medical practitioners in Marie stopes Hospital, which deals with maternal and reproductive health was established to support us with medical and other professional input during the course of our system development.
2. A rapid prototype based on the Android phone was done in order to solicit input on the technology and contents. Mothers who were visited provided input on the usefulness of the system and suggested on a more inclusive technology like USSD and/or options for a third party support in diagnosis through a person with a smart phone. All the these are part of my feedback that will be shared.
3. On the development status of the system: The prototype of the access end is already underway (I even used part of it to solicit feedback from the users (mothers and medical practitioners). The database part has started with data collection--and we have agreed from the Marie Stopes hospitals on maternal and reproductive health data (Specifically on disease symptoms, the number of diagnosed patients and prescriptions); This data will be important in the next development stage. The database design and data collection have already started.
4. The knowledge gap in the use of the technology for which the service is provided through, poses a risk on engaging more vulnerable users. This was one of the feedback as well. To mitigate it, we will prepare the customized trainings that will be provided through clinic centres and hospitals where these mothers will be attending. Some suggestions were in nurses trainings so that they can deliver this important knowledge or even through brochures and posters. Also initiatives through village councils meetings was suggested as a way to reach less educated and educate them.
I will provide more details in the idea section (including videos and photos)