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Clarice commented on Gratitude-cycle meeting

Hi Lauren Ito

thanks for reading the proposal and sending your questions!
In the vast majority of companies, people have an understanding that they need to be free of emotions to be perceived as a good professional, and this has strong consequences in the way people behave and interact with each other. Some common behaviors are a lack of empathy with others problems and difficulties, lack of support, and a tendency to have a fight-or-flight reaction in such competitive workplaces.

So the idea is that, by having these meetings, we will enable an open space where people feel "allowed" to show their gratitude and to truly connect with peers. We see that having a space where there is no kind of judgment about others actions and feelings, is the first step to reaching a truly open and honest workplace.

We realize that promoting this kind of culture is not easy and it demands time for people to adapt and to feel like doing it. That's also why we encourage having a coach helping with this process, someone external to the daily routine and with deeper knowledge in team building that would facilitate the meetings and lead the team through this experience.

What I have learned from my experience of working in a decentralized company (now I'm talking in my name), is that sometimes it's needed to set some "fixed" structure - like a meeting - to kick-off something that later becomes a habit, and then flows naturally. Another important thing to mention is that this meeting is not intended to be mandatory: people must know from the very beginning that they are *invited* to participate (either as an active member or as a listener). This gives the individual the choice of experimenting this activity genuinely.