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Makes a lot of sense. I think in the world of humanitarian informatics any extra data that helps us to understand human activity is essential. I am also currently experimenting with automated mapping of buildings for purposes of estimating population densities. When you combine such things it becomes a trove of information for emergency response be it in risk analysis, damage assessment, response planning or evaluation.
Thanks for sharing

2 things:
1. Development practitioners (in general and here more specifically SRH) generate a lot of data but they are not good at deriving and telling stories from the data (call it statistical analysis). I think most practitioners do not even realise that they are also in the bid data domain and need same tools used by Google, Facebook, Amazom, Telecoms etc to help them do data wrangling, machine learning, natural language processing, Bayesian stats, regressions, modelling etc (call it data science) capable of giving them insights into the prevailing situation and impact of the work they are doing. (situational analysis and program evaluations).
2. Although lots of data is generated, most of it is very disintegrated with each organisation seemingly too busy pursing some 'individual objectives' (competing actually) and we loose sight of the bigger picture in the process. I think we need a common and coordinated effort to generate and share data and produce better information products from it. It takes efforts at very high level (such as UNFPA) to convince CBOs and other frontline organisations to put data together for common use.

I actually dont believe we lack data, instead we lack collaboration and the ability to effectively make sense of what we already have.

I cannot think of a full fledged platform that adequately integrates data collection, analysis and visualization at the level I think should be done. However there are some fair attempts at global level such as devinfo and measure evaluation. These are certainly not the only ones but they just came to mind.