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This is amazing Layne ! What great and important research! It's so important to have young people engaged in the design process...

Our donors that have made it out to Madagascar and set foot in our classrooms are all 100% convinced of our model after seeing how engaged the kids are and how much they love this course. We hope to continue to improve our data collection methods so we can show how important *fun* sexuality education is for young adolescents, for those who can't see it firsthand. Thank you so much for the resource and the support!

Thanks Iliriana Kacaniku ! I've attached the business canvas model as a pdf. Can you confirm that it is okay for the final review?

Question #4: How has young people’s safety been considered? What are the risks with traveling to different hubs?

Young people will not be traveling to hubs. Hubs are decentralized offices that support and monitor program operations occurring in nearby middle schools. I have updated the language in our post to better clarify this.

All programming is school-based – thus taking place where young adolescents already spend the majority of their time. Safety of young adolescents is major priority in our programming. We strive to improve the social environment of youth by providing access to safe recreational activities and spaces, and by creating meaningful and trusting relationships so that if youth have problems (especially in terms of abuse) they can approach our Youth Educators during counselling sessions and be directly referred to expert service providers.

Question #5: With financial support what iterations, improvements, or learnings would you apply to your work as you grow your work and impact?

We are determined to ensure that our monitoring and evaluation focuses on both the process and impact of our work when we finally grow. Given that this is an innovative solution, iteration and learning will require a real-time monitoring system. Taking a utilization-focused approach will also be key.

Also, we are not taking a scale-up lightly. We want to know any gaps in our implementation, so we can make corrections before our next phase. This includes assessing the integrity of our programming once in new regions, as well as in media res cost-effectiveness analysis that would help support replication and sustainability.

Finally, we recognize that data collection and analysis on very young adolescents is a big need in the field – even for UNFPA. Continued emphasis on understanding this group is huge for our organizational learning and programming.

We are taking advantage of readily-available technical resources like those from ExpandNet/WHO and MEASURE Evaluation PRH to help to accomplish all of this.

Financial support from across our portfolio of donors will go towards:
- Information systems (data processing and analysis). We want to partner with the youth-run social venture VeraSolutions ( to build a custom relational database to process our data more easily and effectively.
- Data quality control (staff time and transportation). Additionally, we would LOVE an external quality review – or better yet, an external evaluation – if resources permit.
- Coordination and capacity building (working with stakeholders, specifically the Ministry of Health at all levels; improving our human resources in M&E)
- Information dissemination and use (e.g. for advocacy at national and international levels)

I've also attached an initial list of performance indicators for our scaled approach.