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Julian commented on Brighten - Make Someone's Freakin Day!

Hi Alec,
great project and nicely executed ;-)
I am very much into UX design and I like your user interface, so well done.
I also think that this concept has potential for the workplace, especially because nowadays we need to find ways to connect with each other ideally through technology:
However, I do not quite get with whom I interact once I would download the app as an employee? So, are my "friends" within the app Facebook friends or is the app connected to my phone contatcs? Both versions could prove difficult in different cultural contexts. In Germany, e.g. where I come from, co-workers are not readily willing to exchange Facebook contacts or even private telephone contacts. There is a clear distinction between work life and private life (it's just a cultural thing). So how would these people use the brighten app in a work related context?
I also see another challenge. There are 2 similar apps now available in Germany where you can express opinions about your friends (sometimes anonymously). However, this generates a problem of bullying which is a huge challenge. How do you guys counteract this issue?
One last question: Why should employees use your app if they can simply echange private messages via their mail?
Thanks for reading through all this, once again good job! I am happy to hear back from you,
all the best


Julian commented on Turning Paychecks into Thank You Cards

Hi Ryan, what a great idea!
I think your concept is very interesting and I definitely agree with you that, nowadays, our paychecks are being instrumentalised. We often times forget the "humanness" that is associated with our work and that we need to receive emotions in exchange for our efforts...not just money.
I wonder how your idea will look like in practice. Would you propose that the above mentioned gratitude cards and "care packages" are received by employees everytime they get paid? Here in Australia e.g. we get paid weekly, therefore, I might "run out" of gratefull words if I should thank my co-worker every week?
Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this,

Hi Irina,
Thanks for your comment! We are glad you like the idea of implementing the RBSE to enhance feelings of positivity and gratitude. Also, thanks for sharing your personal experience with us, it was very insightful reading through your contribution.
I think there is good reason to believe that this exercise will have positive outcomes for both Feedback SENDERS and Feedback RECEIVERS.
However, as a team we have thought through this idea a lot and we are still trying to figure out how often such an exercise should be conducted. As a Feedback SENDER you might "run out" of positive feedback if you engage in this exercise too often.
What are your thoughts regarding this potential issue? David Cooperrider Carolina M. Alexander Rachel Creighton