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Aashiya commented on Blind and Partially Sighted Inclusive Cyber Cafe

Hi, Ashley! Good to know you are interested in the idea. Thanks!

Well, what we concluded was the result of our small informal study. As you must have read in the description, a few organizations carry out computer training programs for the blind and partially sighted people (BPS) on a regular basis, in an attempt to enable them to become computer literate for the day to day activities in this technology-led century. Also, since the opportunities for blind and partially sighted people are already narrowed down by their assumed inability, the training also seeks to make them more competent for the job market.

Hundreds of BPS youths have benefited through the training programs till date. Their performances during the training have been outstanding. However, when we evaluated the effectiveness of the training in the long run, these were found ineffective; the BPS trainees that underwent the training failed to utilize their learning from the training such that they could benefit from them.

When we dug into the matter, we realized that not all BPS people could afford personal computers or laptops of their own, that they could work on, or practice what they learnt from the training, on a regular basis. And in the absence of practice for a technical subject like computer, they gradually forgot what they learnt, thereby, making the training ineffective in the long run. This meant that the very objective with which the training was being carried out, was not being met.

We are therefore, now, seeking to overcome this challenge by establishing a Cyber Cafe for the BPS so they can all have regular access to computers where they can practice their learning from the training and actually get to benefit from it.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks again!


Aashiya commented on Blind and Partially Sighted Inclusive Cyber Cafe

Hey Trust! I'm glad you liked the idea. Thanks for the encouragement! You are doing great as well. Keep up the good work :)