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Great idea, issue does however remain who is caring for the patient while the carer is away. I also think capacity will be an issue sites like Ellie’s friend ( provide free or discounted hotel stays but you have to apply and it’s a lottery basis as to success. The number of full time carer’s who would benefit from the service is massive. Also its unclear who you would prove you were an end of life care giver? In UK official carers are those providing over 35 hours a week of care. It could therefore be possible to ask for proof of receipt of carers benefits and the prognosis of the patient – as end of life. This however is also problematic as there are different definitions of end of life in relation to time frames. In practice you may well have applicants wanting to apply for vouchers who are caring long term and may need a system to differentitate.

[Contribution from Anny Ash, Macmillan Social Prescriber Senior Navigator, Macmillan Cancer Support]


Ivor commented on I Know Something About This

Clarity needed in separating content made by carers/ friends /family from patients. While patients might benefit from the videos made by carers/ family I think there needs to be a filter so this choice is explicit. This might be obvious in the collections/ stories sections.
I like the ‘thinking about your situation’ but I think the format could do with more animation or creative template – looks and feels a bit homework currently.
The ‘explore further’ section under each video needs to consider equality and diversity issues – ‘universal concepts and experiences’ is problematic in relation to faith and ethnicity.
I think there also needs a risk and safeguarding consideration regarding users who may be choosing to end their lives and those grieving. This could be easily managed by a link to further support but raises issues around universality and where support would be located geographically – e.g. Samaritans UK.
As an addition a translator/ language feature would be amazing. Being able to access videos in other languages or transcribed content in range of languages.

[Contribution by Anny Ash, Macmillan Social Prescriber Senior Navigator, Macmillan Cancer Support]