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As refugees, many of us have skills, resilience and expertise. All we need is opportunity, not someone telling us how...

As refugees, many of us have skills, resilience and expertise. All we need is opportunity, not someone telling us how...

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Thanks Hassan for sharing!


Fynn commented on Engage Refugees

Dear Viola:
Please don't apologise. Call me Veronica or Fynn, they are both my names. I'm not fussy like that:-).

I'm sorry it's taken me a while to respond to you (in the middle of writing my dissertation). Anyways, I did visit your twitter page (thanks for sharing my idea) and USANII LAB! It's AWESOME!!! Please keep up the good work. Don't give up. I'm not trying to sound cheesy here, but we honestly need more of you.

I fully understand the immigration process. It is always racist, selective, and discriminatory. I have experienced both the dreadful stigma of being a refugee from one of the world's poorest countries in the world alongside living in Canada, acquiring world-class education and "slipping" over to being treated "respectfully" at international borders because... If anyone told them (Western closed borders) that I would become whatever today, they would have shrugged and laughed at the poor dirty refugee girl.

I think it is their lost, honestly. People in the West think they have it all and they know it all but they are mistaken big time. Without opening up to be schooled by diverse sources of knowledge, they shun any opportunity to be inclusive and respectful of diversity. Their ignorance always take the better part of them, sadly, you know. Except that, consequently, people in vulnerable situation suffer in the end. That's what stinks.

I can't imagine, for the life of me that, they would rather have you speak on behalf of your "helpless" Kenyan team-members because you're white, you're one of them and you do better representing people who can't think/speak for themselves (sorry, I'm being sarcastic here). But I say once again, please don't give up, change is inevitable. I encourage you to kindly click the following links (below), they may offer some more hope and inspiration re: what immigrants/refugees are capable of:

Boonaa Mohammed's "Green Card"

Yassmin Abdel-Magied's "What does my hair scarf mean to you?"

Luca Lesson's "Please Resist Me"



Fynn commented on Engage Refugees

Dear Hassan:
Thanks for the support. Are you in Kenya? Mine, I've never been to East Africa (can't wait!). As I immigrated to Canada on a student refugee program, I have many friends from Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Somalia who once lived at Kakuma Refugee Camp. Giving the geographical location of Kakuma as a major refugee hub, many of my fellow student-refugee friends came from there. So, again, there's a wealth of connection I have with former refugees who are educated and equipped with skills to help with refugee education. I hope we can all work together.