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Kristin commented on Anthropocene Dialogues

This is great. People are hungry for good journalism, and this program seems to be coming in strong with a lot of credibility and a fresh idea. Reminds me of a more curated, journalistic version of something like Bright Club in the UK (and maybe Guy Raz could host (: ). Kathy, excited to see this manifest.


Kristin commented on International Truths About Sustainability

This is great. Not just as an interesting platform, but as a way to keep some of the most inspired thinkers…inspired and appreciated. I also think that all the work going into this would create a platform to easily expand to other media with minimal effort, like recording for a podcast that could reach a wider public audience. Reminds me of the Moth story telling program but with a sustainability theme. I also like the international aspect. I’ve found that there are a lot of barriers to creating international fellowships through US programs because people are so swamped with implementing the program that lifting up really good international applications and candidates that face one extra barrier, like English not as a first language, can be too overwhelming to take on. So the fact that stories are getting curated to reach out to people and areas that might be facing the largest need for innovation in sustainability is refreshing. Look forward to chatting more about this, Kirsten.