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Doug commented on UVC light inactivates some viruses

I've developed a product that works against viruses including Ebola. So, *disclaimer* I'm the founder and innovator of Rayminder Engineered Lighting. So, with that aside, I've done a ton of research and yes we could be saving lives right now with UV light!

I found that at precisely 254 nm, UVC light inactivates germs without harmful Ozone byproducts (very important!). Studies show DNA and RNA are destroyed optimally by 250 nm, but at the cost of harmful ozone gas which should be held below 0.05 PPM (USEPA). Testing shows germicidal benefits are nearly as effective at the closest non-ozone producing wavelength of 254nm (benefits exist up through 320 nm [UVB]).

You can learn more searching for UVC Germicidal Lamp by Rayminder. The name of my company is Rayminder Engineered Lighting. You may have heard of the "germicidal robot" designed to pulse UVC to sanitize a whole room. My product is a 120v plug-in solution designed for widespread application by consumers and professionals.

It can be used inside air ducts, or as a wand to disinfect surfaces like the Level 4 protective "space suits". Nurses should use this prior to removal of contaminated gear as an important fail-safe. Lives would be saved for just around 100 dollars for each lamp. With an 8000 hour bulb life, it could be used continually for months with negligible degradation of output.

I have some in stock, but will be taking back-orders pretty soon. People are buying out the supply of UVC bulbs- who knows how they will use them. These lamps can only be sold in the USA based on compliance with FDA regulations. Operating and safety instructions must be included - nobody should buy powerful UV bulbs without using the right fixtures either. Rayminder lamps are certified with safety labels and clear instructions for handling powerful UV light.