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Smruti commented on GO COMMUNITY (Updated 12/07/2015)

I like the idea about changing the perception about Community Colleges. Just wanted to clarify, you are saying that students can do the first 2 years of their college from the Community College and then move on to a non-community college to finish the remaining two years of their bachelor's degree?
I have not experienced the community college thing, but I know that students who cannot make it do any good colleges because of low grades are the ones who end up going to these Community Colleges. Maybe, community colleges can partner up with proper colleges in every state or city and offer low cost education to students who can't afford the course fees. This will also give them an opportunity to eventually graduate from a good grad school by following your idea. Just a thought.

I am a student from India. It is true that the point is not about different strategies adopted by the Indian colleges, it is about the lower cost of living in India. Most of the public colleges are extremely cheap but the staff is underpaid, the buildings are old and most of the campus facilities that western universities provide are not available to us. Moreover, I feel the Indian education system is vastly different from the American education system due to differences in culture and values. In India, the stress on personal growth and development in the process of learning is not so much. Currently, I am studying in Australia and I can see the difference in my learning. Based purely on my experience, enhanced learning process and stress on personal growth and development makes Australia a better choice of education for me in spite of the higher costs associated with it.

Hi Brian,
I am an international student from India studying in Australia.
This is a great initiative, however I had a query:
How do you plan to protect and guarantee the interests of the investors, keeping in mind that there is no collateral involved here? Or is there?